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ui::UITest Class Reference

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Detailed Description

User interface tests.

These save and restore sys.argv, so the individual tests are free to modify
it to test various behaviours of the UI. It also captures sys.stdout and
sys.stderr to self.stdout/self.stderr.

A 50 kB dummy file is created in the OSLib workdir (path in self.big_file),
which can be used for testing downloading.

Definition at line 32 of file ui.py.

Public Member Functions

def setUp
def stop_capture
def tearDown
def test_check
def test_check_composite_avail
def test_check_composite_enabled
def test_check_composite_noavail
def test_cli_help
def test_disable
def test_disable_confirm
def test_disable_confirm_cancel
def test_disable_nochange
def test_download_http_cancel
def test_download_http_nocancel
def test_download_local_cancel
def test_download_local_nocancel
def test_enable
def test_enable_invalid
def test_get_handler_tooltip
def test_handler_dir
def test_install_packages
def test_list
def test_mode_any
def test_mode_free
def test_mode_nonfree
def test_toggle_handler

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _fork_http_server
def _join_http_server

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